Who I am

I am Pilar Barrio. Here are some of the reasons why I decided to take charge of my future and set a unique path for others like me. People who are looking to create their own work-style, have more freedom and balance, whilst feeling proud and making a difference.

After 10 years of ascending the corporate ladder, and holding various leadership positions in the advertising industry, I realised that there could be a different and new way of working in the digital world. I founded my own business in 2014, with a vision to help evolve an industry that was working many of its people to exhaustion.

Around me, I saw colleagues quitting the media world completely and clients receiving poor advice from those who remained. Many of us decided to take the plunge and started working as independent consultants. This is still happening and every day, as I open LinkedIn, I see yet another colleague moving into the unknown of a freelance life. That’s why I decided to found Barrio Digital, as a community of digital professionals who support each other and come together to collaborate in delivering best-in-class strategy to businesses.

A simple mission

I want to help brands to unlock the potential of their people and grow their businesses.

My beliefs

  • People. Customers and colleagues must be at the core of all marketing and communications strategies, humanising brands and giving them genuine validity.
  • Purpose. The reason for a brand’s existence must be at the heart of its objectives and achievements, keeping its people happy and motivated, and fuelling the fire of business. The bottom line will speak for itself.
  • Power of networks. Some of the most complicated problems in the world have been solved by strangers who came together to collaborate online. Networks bring diversity of ideas, lateral thinking and previously unimaginable solutions. Knowledge is there to be shared and the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.



I am Pilar Barrio and have over 12 years experience in the marketing industry and I am the founder and primary consultant of Barrio Digital. With a focus on social media, mobile and video content, I have advised hundreds of brands and businesses who were looking to innovate and cut through the noise of the digital space.

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