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Is Organic Social Media Dead? The Rise Of Paid And The Future Of Social Media Content

“We were used to social media being ‘easy’ as it was all about building an audience and pumping content to them organically. As organic reach decreases, brands and agencies rely more and more on promoting every single piece of content, without expecting more than a mere 1% of the reach, if that, to be organic.”

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How to make a small marketing budget count

You may not be able to do everything, but the choices that you do make should work together as a coherent digital marketing strategy. “Integrate all of your different digital marketing efforts – and don’t forget offline marketing – so that they work together,” she says. “For example, social media should be driving traffic to your website wherever possible.”

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F-commerce: Social goes shopping

This article argues that the role of social media in e-commerce may be best focused around the earlier consideration phase of the consumer journey rather than the purchase phase (a view supported by the fact that Facebook’s 2012 entry into e-ecommerce – dubbed “F-Commerce” – failed to gain traction.

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The case for integration with social media

Social media represents a shift in consumer behaviour, not a bunch of platforms or technology. That’s why changing the focus from the brand to the consumer will directly result in making all media and all marketing communications more social for brands. Placing social – whether it’s the concepts or actual people and expertise – at the heart of a brand, organisation or agency, leads to healthier relationships between the corporate world and its consumers.

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