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I am a digital consultant and run my own company. In all my roles, I have always learnt by doing, even if I find theoretical frameworks useful. Now, I want to pass my knowledge and experience to others. This is just the starting point. 

For over a decade, I have helped people to harness the power of digital technology to uncover opportunities and transform their businesses globally.


I became an independent consultant in 2014 and I started experiencing the highs and lows of freelance work. Doing it all on your own is hard. So I decided to call old colleagues who were in a similar position. While we found sharing our hurdles useful, it seemed like collaborating could really make a difference. What if we could come together to solve client challenges? 

So, we did. As a result I set up Barrio Digital which is already becoming a thriving collective of strategists, analysts and creators. Our mission is to take our experience and knowledge to any organisation in need of a fresh perspective. 

Who I am

I am Pilar Barrio. Here are some of the reasons why I decided to take charge of my future and set a unique path for others like me. People who are looking to create their own work-style, have more freedom and balance, whilst feeling proud and making a difference.

After 10 years of ascending the corporate ladder, and holding various leadership positions in the advertising industry, I realised that there could be a different and new way of working in the digital world. I founded my own business in 2014, with a vision to help evolve an industry that was working many of its people to exhaustion.

Around me, I saw colleagues quitting the media world completely and clients receiving poor advice from those who remained. Many of us decided to take the plunge and started working as independent consultants. This is still happening and every day, as I open LinkedIn, I see yet another colleague moving into the unknown of a freelance life. That’s why I decided to found Barrio Digital, as a community of digital professionals who support each other and come together to collaborate in delivering best-in-class strategy to businesses.

A simple mission

I want to help brands to unlock the potential of their people and grow their businesses.

My beliefs

  • People. Customers and colleagues must be at the core of all marketing and communications strategies, humanising brands and giving them genuine validity.
  • Purpose. The reason for a brand’s existence must be at the heart of its objectives and achievements, keeping its people happy and motivated, and fuelling the fire of business. The bottom line will speak for itself.
  • Power of networks. Some of the most complicated problems in the world have been solved by strangers who came together to collaborate online. Networks bring diversity of ideas, lateral thinking and previously unimaginable solutions. Knowledge is there to be shared and the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.



I am Pilar Barrio and have over 12 years experience in the marketing industry and I am the founder and primary consultant of Barrio Digital. With a focus on social media, mobile and video content, I have advised hundreds of brands and businesses who were looking to innovate and cut through the noise of the digital space.

Read more about my experience 

Work with me

What can you expect from working with me?

  • An inquisitive approach and a fresh point of view
  • Clear and straightforward solutions
  • A well thought-out strategy backed by insights
  • Education and support in critical areas of digital marketing
  • A break from old models and beliefs that prevent your company from growing

What services do I offer?

Digital audit

This review will help you understand the gaps you have and the opportunities available to your brand in the digital world. I will work with you to unearth key insights that will inform your strategy, through quantitative surveys, social listening and stakeholder interviews.

Digital Strategy

Many brands need digital experts every now and then for specific projects or taskforces. However, the cost and commitment of hiring an in-house specialist are often too high. I can work flexibly with your teams to develop and implement digital strategies on an ad-hoc basis, adding the value where and when it is needed.

Coaching and education programs

Your people are the best positioned to drive change and innovation within your business. However, sometimes they might lack the confidence or skills to do it. I will work with you to understand your organisation’s capability gaps and deliver bespoke workshops and education programs to up skill your people.

Hire me as a speaker

In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to speak at many industry events in the UK, such as the ones mentioned below. If you need a speaker for your event, send me a message.

  • Mediatel Media Playground panel Nov 2014
  • Customer Engagement Summit 2012
  • OMMA 2012
  • Sheffield Docfest 2010
  • Let’s Get Digital workshop by the ICA and Shooting People
  • Mediatel Media Playground 2011
  • Social Media Trends Conference 2012
  • Socialyse’s Power of Social Content sponsored by Twitter

What people say

We worked with Pilar on an internal training program geared to enhancing company-wide understanding of social media and web content in a B2B context. The program had to cover both senior management and staff on the front line delivering both digital projects and marketing activities geared to amplifying social buzz. Levels of knowledge varied across the company. Pilar’s calm and amiable facilitation and tutorial provided both theory and practical knowledge about web content and social media. 

Her style of presenting is paced to allow time to absorb and discuss theory and application. She has personal experience in these new disciplines, having worked for new media agencies herself. 

I would highly recommend Pilar for any consultancy and workshop-style learning sessions, geared to new media activities. She helped us understand how to segment audiences and social channels; and how to identify influencer communities and networks; as well as, develop content and narratives to drive and feed B2B social media channels, and ultimately, understand how to set KPIs (key performance indicators) and then monitor and measure. 

Andrew Reid, Director of Strategy and Communications | Shelton Fleming


After setting up our online clothing business we had a great product and website but needed help with the best way to market our range. We contacted Pilar to expand our digital reach and with only one meeting she really understood what we were aiming for. She went away, analysed our market and brand, then gave us very clear details on how to move into areas like digital advertising, PR campaigns and competitor benchmarking – all with timescales and costs for each. Those meetings with Pilar and the document she delivered are still the foundation for our digital marketing strategy today. We’d highly recommend working with her. 

Hadrian Thomas, Urbangilt.com 


I had the pleasure of experiencing a great  Mobile workshop led by Pilar. She is not just a professional and very experienced workshop leader but what really makes her unique is: her funny and warm approach, and her skill to adapt perfectly to her clients needs during the session.
I would definitely recommend Pilar for any type of training.

Kristina Smoljo, Digital Marketing Manager at GlaxoSmithKline


Pilar delivered a Social Media Masterclass to a group of WPP employees, in which I was part of. She was one of the best speakers I have ever seen, being able to engage the audience and deliver the right content that will enable us to improve our work.

Henrique Monteiro, Senior Digital Strategist at VML London






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